If you’re reading this, odds are you like good ballroom music. Whether it’s for a performance, a social, or for practice, your favourite ballroom music energizes you, makes you want to strength further, push harder, dance fiercer.

All too often, I hear the same tired favourites when I go to dance halls and socials. So today, I’m sharing some of my top favourite ballroom dance songs in each genre, and why I like each one. I hope they inspire and delight you. 
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Partner dancing is a joy, but we all make dance mistakes. Followers may miss subtle (or not so subtle) cues. Leaders may send mixed messages, or they may forget what the signal is for a certain move. Even couples that have been partner dancing together for years continue to learn to lead and follow each other. In any case, it can be difficult to know what really happened. In a rear-ender collision, the car that plows into the car in front is technically responsible but the car in front may have stopped really suddenly – both are really ‘at fault’.
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The magic of the dance floor brings together people of all ages, careers, and creeds, as long as they have the steps, and the smile to back it up. So naturally, it’s a great place for finding love, even if you’re normally nervous as a fainting goat anywhere else.
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In all the years I’ve danced and taught, I don’t think I’ve seen a single dance interaction that couldn’t have been improved by recognizing why they dance in the first place. Yes, there’s the stereotype that men just want sex and girls just wanna have fun. But to understand what women really want (and men too), we need to look beneath these surface wants. 
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Wrapping up our theme on getting more dances and dance partners when social dancing, it’s time to take a look at what actually happens during the dance itself. If you score an awesome dance partner, you’ll want to get more dances from your new friend, right? Then here’s the secret: make sure they have as much fun as you do.
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Last time, we looked at how to make yourself more approachable and more direct when social dancing, scoring yourself more dance partners in the process. Now I’m looking at you, ladies. You know this is the age of equality, and that you can unashamedly ask a gent to dance without getting cut-eye from his friends. Continue reading “Social Dancing Popularity: Get Asked More”

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Nothing jars you out of you a wonderfully flowing dance movement faster than an unexpected bump from behind. It’s just one of the things a leader must watch out for on the social dance floor, along with stepped-on toes, elbows to the face, mule-kicks to the shin, and bruised egos. Yet most collisions on the dance floor can be avoided, with a little awareness and the right instincts. The following 6 techniques will teach you the unspoken rules of dance etiquette, so you can take care of yourself and your partner on a crowded dance floor. Continue reading “6 Techniques to Avoid Collisions on the Dance Floor”

We’ve all been there. You’re out on the social dance floor, trying to move with your partner, and for whatever reason it’s just not clicking. Maybe you’ve got a full compliment of steps you can’t wait to try out, but your follower seems to be completely ignoring you. Or maybe you’ve practiced following every dancer in your group class, but this guy won’t even lead half of them (and you can’t feel the lead for the other half). What’s a dancer to do? Continue reading “Help! My Partner Can’t Lead (or Follow)”

On the dance floor, what you do isn’t nearly as important as how you do it. At the Latin clubs, capturing the sexy Latino rhythm means using Cuban motion. Lets be clear: both men and women use Cuban motion, although women tend to be more noticeable in their movement due to their wider hips and narrower waist. Here’s five exercises to get you started.
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