Each Student presents different challenges that make teaching them so interesting. And yet, whether they fall out of turns or over-shape on a tango corte, it’s amazing how many of their issues come from a since source: lack of balance. In fact, I would argue that if we all worked to gain better balance, over 90% of our challenges in ballroom dance would become non-issues.

Ready for more punishment? Today, we look at three new dance exercises that improve your balance on turns and rise and fall, so you can handle the more complicated dance manoeuvres with style.
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Like a certain Depeche Mode song, there’s some techniques in dancing you just can’t get enough of. Tricky body movements that can take a lifetime of training to master. Here’s some common dancing exercises worth adding to your routine.
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Previously, we talked about how to improve balance using the principle of grounding. Time to get more advanced!
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Last week we learned a powerful tool for improving balance, by increasing floor connection and stability. Now it’s time to take the principle of staying grounded to the dance floor and feel it in action.
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In our last article, we covered the nuts and bolts of rise and fall – what it means, as well as general tips on how to do it. But you may still be wondering how to apply it in your general dancing. The following exercises will help you improve and master ballroom rise and fall on the dance floor.
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We’ve all seen it – the elegant couple gliding across the floor, flowing up and down without a bump. It’s just one of those little details that separate the good dancers from the great ones. But here’s the thing: It’s not that difficult to start using it. 
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