Who likes a dance where the leader is crushing your hand, while whipping you hard enough around you know you’ll need an extra chiropractic appointment this week? I don’t either.

If your partner is someone you know well, it’s usually okay to ask him or her to change before any permanent damage is done. But bringing up the issue with a stranger presents a difficult situation: How do we avoid offending our partner, while still getting across that they need to try something different? And if you’re the leader, how can you tell if you are doing something that’s bothering your partner?
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So, when was the last time you hit the dance floor and danced flawlessly, with no confusion from either side on what was going to happen next. Been awhile, hasn’t it? For most of us, whether we are guiding the action, or responding to it, odds are our dance connection could use a little tweaking.

And if you feel like your partner ‘just doesn’t get you’ no matter what you do, it helps to remember that dance connection is a two-way street. You may be the best in the world at connecting with your partner, and it won’t be enough – he or she needs to connect back. But the least we can do is make sure we can hold up our end of the deal.
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