Ah, the spot turn – easily one of my favourite movements in all of partner dancing. Last time, we took a look at the underarm turn as the informal ‘spot turn’. Now it’s time to look at the true spot turn; that is, a couple turning together around a common point. Don’t know what I mean? Check this out:
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In our last article, we covered the nuts and bolts of rise and fall – what it means, as well as general tips on how to do it. But you may still be wondering how to apply it in your general dancing. The following exercises will help you improve and master ballroom rise and fall on the dance floor.
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We’ve all seen it – the elegant couple gliding across the floor, flowing up and down without a bump. It’s just one of those little details that separate the good dancers from the great ones. But here’s the thing: It’s not that difficult to start using it. 
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