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Dance, on your terms.

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My passion is to make the concepts and practices of ballroom dance understandable to anyone, and break through the fears that hold so many of us back on the dance floor. In the process, I hope to inspire you to get everything you want from dancing – and maybe realize how much further you could go.

This is an ongoing Editing project so some links and picture placeholders maybe unavailable or empty.

Maybe you feel like dancing is a luxury you can’t afford. Maybe you work and can’t imagine finding the 2-3 hours/week you need to take lessons at a studio. Maybe the thought of looking awkward in front of others fills you with paralyzing fear.

If so, welcome. This site is for you.

Let’s face it… It’s a pain looking through You-tube for a half-decent dance instructor, and the more you learn, the harder it gets. The few websites that organize even beginner patterns tend to be either highly-polished and expensive, or suffering from low-quality videos and terrible design.

Here, we offer the best of both worlds – premium quality information that can give any social dancer the confidence they need to make a awesome impression at the local dance hall or Latin club all located on one site.