So, you still want more? Now that we’ve used our new connecting skills with our simple leads and follows, let’s delve into some of the advanced dance partner tricks that will give your connection a special smoothness and fluidity. 
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You’re finally ready to start moving with your dance partner to some of the more common ballroom patterns. These patterns are used in multiple dances, but the leads and follows are virtually the same. I recommend you make sure you know the footwork already. Follower instructions will be italicized after the leader’s instructions.
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A good connection with your dancing partners is like food for your dog – keep providing it, and they’ll always come back for more. Last time, we looked at the basics of taking a ballroom dance frame. Now it’s time to get you two moving with a few more all-important commandments:

As they say, the devil is in the details. When we lead and follow in a ballroom dance for instance, our movements combine lots of little elements to create this wonderful thing called ‘connection’.

For centuries, ballroom dancing has been a fun way to meet other people, make connections, and fall in love (or back into love). Perhaps the most enthusiastic students I’ve encountered are older couples, seeking to rekindle romance that has until recently lost itself in the rush of setting play dates, buying houses and cars, and pushing for the next promotion. Why is dancing such a great way to reconnect to your loved one? Continue reading “Rekindle Romance with Ballroom Dance”

Now that we’ve delved into what draws the ladies to the dance floor, it’s our dancing gents turn! In Western culture, male dancers tend to begin dance with nervousness at best, and shame at liking such a ‘sissy’ activity at worst. Yet, men stand to gain just as much from ballroom dance as their lady-friends. Let’s look at what men really want from ballroom dancing, and what keeps them coming back.

In all the years I’ve danced and taught, I don’t think I’ve seen a single dance interaction that couldn’t have been improved by recognizing why they dance in the first place. Yes, there’s the stereotype that men just want sex and girls just wanna have fun. But to understand what women really want (and men too), we need to look beneath these surface wants. 
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Previously, we talked about how to improve balance using the principle of grounding. Time to get more advanced!

Last week we learned a powerful tool for improving balance, by increasing floor connection and stability. Now it’s time to take the principle of staying grounded to the dance floor and feel it in action.

A lot of instructors talk about the importance of staying ‘grounded’ through your movements. You might hear strange comments like ‘heavy walking’, and ‘push through the floor’. When learning how to improve our balance in dance, what exactly does staying grounded do for us?