Learning to Dance Ballroom & Latin

It’s one thing to want to learn to dance, quite another to have the time and space necessary to practice. True, this is a BIG advantage of going to a dance studio, where the space is provided along with the lesson. But there’s plenty of options for a creative home-schooled dancer as well.
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The Best of Ballroom & Latin

I have put together a selection of pages with all the info I wish I had found before I started dancing 10 yrs ago…

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Maybe you feel like dancing is a luxury you can’t afford. Maybe you work and can’t imagine finding the 2-3 hours/week you need to take lessons at a studio. Maybe the thought of looking awkward in front of others fills you with paralyzing fear.
BHSDC ( Burgess Hill Social Dance Club ) offers weekly dance lessons with a Professional Instructor and opportunities for regular practice dances.

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