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From Brian and Lorna 


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From Basil.



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From Brian and Lorna 

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Thought for the day from Rex

Lord Alan Sugar has said that the Lock Down should end because he is not dead and nobody he knows has died from Coronavirus Covid 19.

For the sake of being polite I must limit my comments, perhaps I should just say 'Sugar you're fired **#@£#**@'

I will leave you to interpret the last bit 

From Brian Knight 

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Thought for the day from Rex

Well, I am now required to wear a mask or face covering when visiting Wexham Park Hospital. So choices, choices, should I wear a Venetian mask, Darth Vader helmet, Storm Trooper helmet, Margaret Thatcher mask, Hedgehog mask, Gorilla mask I can see I will have some fun with this. So in the end I opted for a Boris one.

Report back I got stopped by security going in and they handed a bucket. I said 'what's this for?' they replied you'll need this if you keep taking the piss !!!


Thought for the day from Rex

So this morning I woke up at 5am and then dozed for a while but not able to get back to sleep. I decided therefore to get up and make a cup of tea. This shocked the pussy cats Monty and Milly as this is unheard of. Well it's bright and sunny outside so the pussies went out to patrol the garden. They reported back that there were no monsters so it was all clear. Strangely I have never seen any monsters in the garden so their patrols must be effective. 

Having filled their bellies, patrolled the garden and generally nosed around they have decided it's time to go back to bed after a strenuous morning. Do you know what! Good idea night night 🐯🐱🛌 x

From Brian and Lorna 

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From Brian and Lorna 


Thought for the day from Rex

The EU is reported being desperate for the UK to extend the transition period so that the UK can continue to fund the EU which is said to be in financial meltdown owing to the Pandemic. Owing to the Telegraphy Act I am not permitted to make any further 'observations' 🤬

gallery/black and white

Thought for the day from Rex

There used to be a special kind of car park that circled London called the M25 which had a mix of slow moving and stationary vehicles. During the Lock Down they have stopped parking vehicles there and turned it into a Road which is really useful. I went over to Wexham Park Hospital in Slough and had a really nice ride  in the Sun 🏍️🏍️🏍️🏍️🏍️

gallery/mambo no5

With all this Lock Down I have noticed that I am drinking more cups of tea than usual. 

I have also  noticed in particular that when Tracy makes the tea it tastes significantly different to when I make it. This puzzled me so I investigated. I set up covert CCTV cameras in the kitchen directed at the location of the kettle and tea caddy.

You can imagine my surprise when I watched Tracy make tea. She used the same teabag twice and it was my cup that was brewed second in every case!

so I called the police and they served her with a restraining, restraining order. 

Problem solved.


From Fiona Moss


From Chris Coates

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From  Rex



Thought for the day from Rex

Now that the hand car washes are shut and I am struggling to see out of the car windows I decided that I needed to find a jet wash. Well my local Esso garage has one so I drove in selected  the appropriate Token and inserted it into the machine. I used the first stage spray wash then the hot soapy brush, the spray rinse and the hot wax. The attendant then came rushing up asking me to out my clothes back on, I of course objected....well I wanted to make sure I was clean before I drove to have my picnic on the Nudist Beach at Brighton ! 🛀

Also you need to get your money's worth don't you?


From Brian and Lorna 

gallery/las vagas b&l

Thought for the day from Rex.I went s

hopping to Tesco first thing and a I was walking to join the queue to go in one of the Tesco ladies said " sorry sir it's only for the elderly and infirm until 10. I then said "what do you call elderly" 

She replied "over seventy" 

I said " well I'm seventy in July" so she said "sorry sir you will have to wait"

I notice the people in the queue smirking at this point. I then said "but I do have my NHS I.D. card she then said " oh in that case you can go straight in and don't have to queue. I the proceeded to give a polite smile to the queue as I walked in .... Result 

From Brian and Lorna 

gallery/wine box b&l

Thought for the day from Rex.

Well because of the lockdown there hasn't been any dancing so I have decided that I need seriously to work on various muscle groups.

I have got some cream, dill, various herbs, white wine then get a big pan and a hot stove, some nice crispy bread.........

oh bugger this predictive text Mussles.


Thought for the day from I drove across Chailey Common I saw two very large brown birds sort of Eagle size. In my garden there are a wide range of birds from Pigeons, Green Woodpeckers, Jays to Pied Wagtails. As I walked from the kitchen door into the garden at dusk the other night there was a Hedgehog scurrying along the path in front of me. I then wondered can you eat Hedgehogs? Well they come with a range of free toothpicks!!!


Well it's Tracy's Birthday and I have baked a chocolate cake, let her use the shower, bought her a very expensive card from Tesco's, bought prosecco, chocolates, gin fizz and committed myself to vast expenditure when the lockdown finishes. I am suddenly feeling quite feint and need to have a sit down 

Thought for the day from Rex.

Well I have been Zooming around the world thus morning, no I'm not superman (well possibly) but using the Zoom App communicating with the United States, London, Kingsbury etc. Using my computer to share screen and my mobile phone for speech. My Dad was an electrical engineer and involved in the film industry, he died in 1965, 

I wonder what he would make of what I am doing today. I use the computer to communicate, for typing not letters as such but emails, I use it for technical drawings, using sophisticated drawings and 3D modelling, simulations etc. Then I do all my accounting on the computer using a 'Cloud' service. I can scan large drawings and email them,  I can learn languages, I don't need my Encyclopedias any more as it's all on line. I can bank on line. I can shop on line. I can do my dance lesson on line. I can watch TV and films. 

I think my Dad would have been amazed. 

Thought for the day from Rex.

Well, I can't go to Church,

I can't go Dancing,

I can't walk along the Beach in Brighton,

I can't meet my friends,

I can't lay out in the Sun as it's cloudy,

I can't go for a ride on my bike as it's started to rain

I can't do any decorating as I don't have any paint or brushes,

I can't do any gardening as my back is aching,

Luckily my eyes and fingers are ok though...........where's the remote

13th May

Thought for the day from Rex.

Now that one person from a household can meet one person from another household outside providing they social distance and you can travel to a beach and sun bathe or exercise or both, I am thinking of suggesting to that attractive slim blonde at the top of the road that we could meet on the nudist beach in Brighton and discuss the state of the economy 

gallery/ve day 2020

Thought for the day from Rex.

Well here we are at the 75th Anniversary of VE day. I have got some scones, cream and jam so afternoon tea on the front lawn in the sun. Also there will be a Spitfire flying around the area and over Ditching for Dame Vera Lynn. So great I'll put out the table etc... Oh it's cloudy now come on who forgot to order the sun? 

From Brian and Lorna 

gallery/Joke B@L

Thought for the day from Rex.

The Government is trailing a mobile phone APP  on the Isle of Wight

To track Covid spread for the 142,000 inhabitants over an area of 380 square kilometres. 

We are also assured that the transition to 167,000,000 inhabitants and an area of 315,000 square kilometres will not be a problem. So in round figures a scaling up by a factor of 1000 is no problems and obviously there will be no problem with the APP on the various makes of mobile phones or the data transfer. The question is am I missing something here ???? 

Thought for the day from Rex.

Weapon of mass distraction, every day I sit down after having had a shower and sip my nice hot tea watching a bit of TV contemplating the agenda for the day then suddenly the cats scramble and into the living room enters this screaming machine. It invades my space and irritates my aural sensors yes it's the Dyson. I have worked out that this is a calculated assault. I am now planning work on the electrical distribution board in the garage that will require the power to be switched off. Luckily these Android Phones have some good TV Apps😷🎂📺 

gallery/joke emoji

Thought for the day from Rex.

The Health Secretary has announced that the COVID testing has reached 100,000 per day, so congratulations. 

So with a population of some 67,000,000, there is only another 670 days to go until we have all been tested. No rush then 😷



Thought for the day from Rex.

 well, I got up early showered and shaved, sorted my stuff out about to go and got a message to say my meeting was cancelled could I do 1:30 this afternoon instead. Very strange being up this early nowadays. Is it too early to have my first meal of the day as usual ...Lunch? 

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We run Ballroom Dances, which includes: Ballroom, Latin American, Jive and Sequence Dance in the UK Sussex Hurstpierpiont, Cuckfie