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During isolation


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KEEP IN TOUCH is a forum where dance members can share their thoughts, jokes, anecdotes and pictures of their personal experience during the lockdown period.


31st March

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From Pam & Ken Goldsmith:



No dances at mo,

We're pining a lot,

For the Waltz, the Tango

And, of course, the Foxtrot!


The Samba, the Jive

They're what kept us alive!

The Quickstep, the Rumba

Danced to another great number.


There was also the ChaCha,

A dance much enjoyed, 

If we got our steps wrong

We'd be rather annoyed!


We'd all have a break,

Including biscuits and tea,

Then back to the dance floor

Filled with joy and glee!


Now the dance floor is missing

But the lounge floor is here,

So we'll carry on dancing 

Never fear!


But can't wait for Paul's dances

To start up again,

Because dancing at home

Is a bit of a pain!

30th March

From Brendan Carr

Catching up painting

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Thought for the day from Rex:

they say eating five cloves of garlic won't help keep the Coronavirus at bay...... but it works wonders at keeping other shoppers away from the toilet roll section at the supermarket 😷😂

gallery/pandemic party (tony fenton)

From Carole Packham

So this is my Dancewear for the foreseeable future 😉