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30th April

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26th April

Rex has just found out that my local Strip Club is clothed for three months


25th April

23rd April

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From Rex & Tracy and Brian & Lorna Wighton 

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KEEP IN TOUCH is a forum where dance members can share their thoughts, jokes, anecdotes and pictures of their personal experience during the lockdown period.


From Brian and Lorna 

Letter to the Irish Times by Tim McGrath “For God’s sake open the pubs again before we all become alcoholics.”

Thought for the day from Rex:

Happy 100th birthday to Captain Tom whom has raised £30 million plus for NHS Charities amazing. In contrast to that I have raised the enthusiasm to get up shower, make a cup of tea and turn on the TV, in my mind a similar achievement under the circumstances. 😜 

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From David & Maggie Schwartz


Thought for the day from Rex:

It has ( cough) just been announced ( cough) that the over 65s ( cough) can now be ( cough) tested for Coronavirus ( cough) so I am ,(cough) thinking I might apply ( cough) for the test, do you agree ( cough) ? 

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From Rex   


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Thought for the day from Rex:

I have found a link between watering my lawns and drinking tea and my hair growing. It appears the more I water the lawns the more the grass grows and that is exactly the same when I drink tea my hair grows. The only problem is it's a bit difficult to get the mower on my head. 🚿✂️

I've found that if I drink beer instead of tea, the hair grows half cut!  it's a good excuse to drink beer!


Thought for the day from Rex:

It's amazing how the Landscape changes over the years. Having been out cycling on my racing bike recently I have noticed how much steeper all the hills have become. Well at least when I get back to Latin and Ballroom dancing it's on the flat 🕺💃

From Brian and Lorna 

From David & Maggie Schwartz


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From Rex & Tracy  

Yorkshire Airline

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From David & Maggie Schwartz

Watch to the end CLICK BELOW

Thought for the day from Rex:

My hair is now longer than I have had it for years, however, when I was a teenager I wanted to be a Rocker rather than a Mod. I even swapped my scooter for a motorcycle. Initially a Suzuki 250 super six but then an AJS 650 twin. So since then I have had a motorcycle most years and now two BMWs K1300GTs.

Do I am ready to be a Rocker now that I have the longer hair.... Anyone got a studded leather jacket I can borrow? 


Thought for the day from Rex:

I have been asked to Tender for a project at Wexham Park Hospital. I need to do a site visit but in case they are short of PPE has anyone got a sub-aqua wet suit and mask I could borrow?

From Rex & Tracy  

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From David & Maggie Schwartz

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From Brian & Lorna Wighton 

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We run Ballroom Dances, which includes: Ballroom, Latin American, Jive and Sequence Dance in the UK, Sussex, Hurstpierpoint, Cuckfield and surrounding area. UK, Sussex, Mid Sussex, Hurstpierpoint, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Cuckfield, Lindfield, Horsham, Crawley, Cuckfield, Shoreham, Steyning, Henfield, West  Sussex, UK

We provide a programme packed with a selection of dances to satisfy all tastes. Ballroom dancing-Quickstep-Slow-Foxtrot-Waltz-Jive and Latin-American Tango-Cha Cha Cha-Rumba

We run Ballroom Dances, which includes: Ballroom, Latin American, Jive and Sequence Dance in the UK Sussex Hurstpierpiont, Cuckfie

Thought for the day from Rex:

Good morning I have a Microsoft Teams meeting on the computer to do with a Hospital Ward kick-off meeting so that will be interesting. To start I would need drawings from the Architect and then to start site surveys in the existing ward. So anyone fancy giving me a hand? 

From Barry & Sue Bird

I knew I had COVID-19 because when I coughed in front of the computer it activated the antivirus checker

Thought for the day from Rex:

Now that we have a further 3 weeks Lock Downtime to plan some serious decorating. Ah, I explained to Tracy B&Q are closed. Oh dear also all the decorators are not allowed to come into your house...where did I put that remote ( don't you dare tell her B&Q to click and collect ) 🤪